New Stakeholders for the Project

    About thirty Italian and European associations, both Italian and European, have responded positively to the invitation of the Park Director Patrizio Scarpellini to collaborate in the growth of the Stonewallsforlife project. Among the latter stand out those European countries which, due to their dry stone walls, together with Italy, have entered the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List: Cyprus, Croatia, France, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.
  • JUNE 2020

    The University of Genoa has started an overall analysis to delineate in detail the geological and geomorphological setting of the project area since it was necessary to understand how drystone walls are distributed and in what conditions they are, to indicate the interventions to be carried out.
  • APRIL 2020

    "Virtual" monitor visit

    On 8th April 2020, the monitor, Chiara Spotorno by NEEMO EEIG, discussed with the STONEWALLSFORLIFE partners the project activities so far, in a "virtual” visit due to the current COVID_19 health emergency. In a long videoconference, stock has been took about progress of the project, which is proceeding despite some slowdown due to contingent problems. Fondazione Manarola has already identified the first lots to work on, while researchers from DISTAV are evaluating the best technologies for intervening on drystone walls and drainage channels. Cinque Terre Park has started to fill in the paperwork for the organization of the courses, which are likely to begin next autumn. Legambiente and ITRB Group are carrying on the contacts with stakeholders, while Diputaciò Barcelona is identifying the best area for the project replication. The meeting ended positively, hoping to meet personally soon.
  • MARCH 2020

    The Siggen Seminar

    The seminar "Helping Protected Areas Adapt to Climate Change”, organized by Europarc, the Federation of National Parks and protected areas in Europe, was organized as videoconference call. Emanuele Raso, geologist and coordinator of the project on behalf of the Cinque Terre National Park, participated and reported that "The main topic, namely the climate change adaptation strategies, was dealt with a multidisciplinary approach. Various experts from both the management and the scientific field presented their point of view. It has been an excellent opportunity to lay the foundations for the climate change adaptation plan to be produced at the end of the project itself.”
  • FEBRUARY 2020

    With the students of the Erasmus Loresu project

    Students involved in the project Erasmus Loresu of the high school Fossati-Da Passano (La Spezia) attended a seminar on the natural and cultural heritage and on sustainability.
  • JANUARY 2020

    With Monash University students

    Students from the Monash University attended a presentation of the project by the geologist Emanuele Raso and then visited the pilot site with the members of the Fondazione Manarola.
  • JANUARY 2020

    First activities in the pilot site

    A team of researchers from the Cinque Terre National Park, DISTAV and ITRB realized a new geomorphological survey procedure to map and classify drystone walls in the pilot area.
  • DECEMBER 2019

    Open Day of the Cinque Terre National Park

    During the Open Day of the Cinque Terre National Park dedicated to the EU projects it coordinates, Emanuele Raso, Eugenio Bordoni and Santo Grammatico presented STONEWALLSFORLIFE.
  • NOVEMBER 2019

    Kick-off Meeting in Manarola

    The official presentation of the project took place in Vernazza (Cinque Terre). All partners were present as well as local stakeholders, citizens and associations.
  • OCTOBER 2019

    Kick-off Meeting in Bruxelles

    The project STONEWALLSFORLIFE was presented during the Kick-off Meeting in Bruxelles, organized by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME).