The importance of terraced landscape according to Timmi Tillmann

by Ludovica Schiaroli Awareness of terraced landscapes is growing considerably on a global, European, national and local scale. The International Terraced Landscapes Alliance (ITLA) is one of the most important civil initiatives for the protection, preservation, and promotion of terraced landscapes and related cultures worldwide. During his journey in Italy Timmi Tillmann, […]

At the International Conference during the National Dry Stone Week

October 2022 Emanuele Raso and Francesco Marchese presented the Stonewalls4life project at the International Conference during the National Dry Stone Week organized by the Italian School of Dry Stone – ITLA Italia.


Italy - Greece Collaboration in the Name go the LIFE Program

A treasure hunt among the drystone walls of Manarola

by Ludovica Schiaroli Interview with Eugenio Bordoni who tells of the painstaking work of the Fondazione Manarola. After the closure of the contracts for the first lots of the project, the aim is to find the owners of each land plot. The landscape above Manarola has changed. The view is impressive: you […]

The future of the terraced landscape is studied in Cinque Terre

by Ludovica Schiaroli Together with the team of the University of Genoa we will find out how to redesign the future of terraced landscapes and of the Cinque Terre thanks to the Stonewallsforlife project. “Today the goal was to identify suitable sites to place the multiparameter stations. They will monitor the soil […]

Discovering the ancient walls

by Ludovica Schiaroli Interview to the agronomist Paola Caffa, member of the planning team in charge of the interventions in the pilot area. The aim is to find out what emerged in the sections after the cleaning works. We meet Paola Caffa, agronomist and member of the planning team, on the day […]

The Cleaning Interventions in the Manarola Amphitheater are underway

Stonewallsforlife project gets to the heart: started in July 2019, it foresees in five years the recovery and restoration of over five hectares of terraces in Manarola, in the Cinque Terre National Park, to increase the resilience of the territory to climate change.

With the researchers from the Joint Research Centre – European Commission

A group of researchers from the Joint Research Centre - European Commission visited the pilot site of the Stonewallsforlife project in Manarola, accompanied by the Demonstration site manager, Emanuele Raso, as part of an excursion organized by the JRC Mountain Club.

Save Vernazza, voluntourism and love for the territory

Together we can make a difference is the motto of Save Vernazza, a non-profit association founded with the aim to rebuild, restore and preserve Vernazza after the tragic flood that hit the Cinque Terre on 25 October 2011. There were thirteen victims, of whom three in Vernazza. Save Vernazza Onlus is among the stakeholders who actively support Stonewallsforlife.

In the Cinque Terre, where breaking stone is an art

Interview with Stefano and Alessandro, maintenance workers in the Cinque Terre National Park, who were able to transform their passion for drystone walls into a job.

Other Walls, the Megalithic Road

Nature and mystery along the Megalithic Road in the Beigua Regional Park

The Garraf Park presents the Stonewallsforlife project

The Garraf Park presents the Stonewallsforlife project to local councils and organisations in the area in order to seek their complicity

In Catalonia to discover the other site of the Stonewallsforlife project

Interview with Santi Llacuna Claramunt director of the Parc del Garraf, the other site in Catalonia where the Stonewallsforlife project is being tested.

Stone walls in western Liguria

An excursion to discover an enchanted landscape made of dry stone walls, caves, rock carvings.

How to make drystone walls resistant to climate change

Professor Marco Firpo of the University of Genoa tells the first interventions carried out in Manarola

A park at the forefront of climate change mitigation

Stonewallsforlife told by Emanuele Raso, geologist and project coordinator for the Cinque Terre Park
Fondazione Manarola

The strength of the past in the commitment of Fondazione Manarola

The Stonewallsforlife project applies on a large scale what has been done to date by Fondazione Manarola. Vice president Eugenio Bordoni has been interviewed.

Students of the project Erasmus Loresu attending a presentation on STONEWALLSFORLIFE

February 11, 2020 On February 11, 2020, students of the high school Fossati-Da Passano (La Spezia) involved in the project Erasmus Loresu and their international partners from Portugal, Spain, Poland and Croatia attended a seminar organized by the Cinque Terre National Park on the natural and cultural heritage and on sustainability. Students […]

Students from the Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) visiting the pilot site

January 10-11, 2020 On January 10-11, 2020, students from the Monash University in Melbourne had a two-day on-field study tour in the Cinque Terre National Park, with Professor Nigel Tapper, a former member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and of the research group that in 2007 received the Nobel […]

Start of the pilot intervention

January 10, 2020 On January 10, 2020 the activities started in the 6 hectares of the pilot site. A team of researchers and specialists from the Cinque Terre National Park, the University of Genoa and ITRB realized a new geomorphological survey procedure of the drystone walls, which will be used to map […]

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